Colorado Clinical & Consulting Psychology provides all services via telehealth. That is, our meetings will take place with you using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We will have a live video and audio connection, similar to a Zoom call (but using a video platform called, which has enhanced privacy features for health care services).

This is a simple, user-friendly approach, even for people who aren’t ‘digital natives’. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from me with a link. Click the link at the appointment time, and we will be connected with live video and audio. For individuals who prefer using the telephone only, that can be accommodated.

As you probably assume, using telehealth was initially an adaptation to the pandemic, allowing us to maintain services while maintaining social distancing.

So, why are we continuing to work in telehealth format?

  • Extensive research and direct clinical experience have demonstrated that telehealth is as effective as office-based visits in producing supportive, meaningful, and effective adult psychotherapy and coaching.
  • For an office-based visit, the average client had to drive 20-30 minutes each way, meaning that a 50-minute session actually required 90 minutes or more of your time.
  • Telehealth appointments eliminate the expense, unpredictability, and stress of Denver traffic. A 50-minute telehealth visit requires only 50 minutes of your time and allows you to return to your work, family, or personal activities without delay.
  • Telehealth appointments are not disrupted by the weather.
  • Telehealth is vastly more eco-friendly. Converting this practice eliminates over a thousand round-trip car journeys per year, reducing congestion on the roads and eliminating tons of C02 emissions.
  • Eliminating the expense of a brick-and-mortar office allows us to keep our standard fee lower and to provide a larger number of reduced fee options for those in need.