Welcome to the website of Colorado Clinical & Consulting Psychology. Thank you for visiting. Whether you are looking for information for yourself, for someone in your personal life, or perhaps a colleague, you are warmly welcomed to look through the material on these pages and to contact me if you have any questions. I am always glad to provide a free, detailed telephone consultation to answer any questions or offer more detail about what this practice offers and how it can be helpful. You are welcome to contact through this website or at (303)-475-7987.

You can check out specific pages on this site for information on some of the concerns we work with this practice, including depression, anxiety, workplace psychology and coaching, well-being in the face of medical illness, moving through grief, and strategies for changing problems with alcohol, marijuana, or behavioral habits such as excess time gaming or other online activities.

This practice provides two primary services. 

Psychotherapy can help you create new approaches to master your life's challenges, and increase your satisfaction and peace of mind.  

Leadership Coaching is for individuals in (or moving toward) high level responsibilities in professional life, and seeking an experienced partner to help strengthen the skills that support career success.

Please look around these pages and contact to ask any questions or to make an appointment.

You may contact through this website, or directly at:
Email: DrRichard@jonrichardpsyd.com
Telephone:  303-475-7987 

I look forward to speaking with you!

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Adult Psychotherapy Leadership Coaching

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