Leadership & Management Coaching

Workplace leadership is an ever-evolving challenge (to say the least)!
Do you find yourself struggling to help the people who work for you to function effectively, accept responsibility, resolve conflicts productively, take initiative, and maximize their professionalism? You are not alone.

The great majority of managers, executives, and other workplace leaders report that the ‘human factors’ in the workplace are the most challenging, stressful, and sometimes discouraging elements of the job. Not the budget, not the technical challenges, not the competition…the people.  Whether it’s subordinates who are in conflict, or fellow managers who compete rather than collaborate, or an individual employee who is technically competent but alienates everyone he comes into contact with, your ability to address and resolve ‘people issues’ is crucial to your success and your peace of mind.Although leaders are always developing their skills, too often it is through trial-and-error, on-the-job, building-the-plane-in-flight experience. This worsens stress, dimishes the satisfaction that should come through all your hard work, and promotes burnout.
There is a better way.

Leadership coaching offers a private, personalized, supportive alternative for professional growth. It has been my privilege to provide leadership coaching to current and aspiring managers and executives for over two decades.  Leadership coaching provides a private, confidential, goal-oriented approach to strengthening your skills in the subtle, challenging “human factors” arena.

Colorado Clinical & Consulting Psychology, LLC, welcomes inquiries from individuals who are seeking to strengthen their leadership capacities and enhance professional success and satisfaction through professional leadership coaching.

Please contact me for a cost-free telephone consultation to discuss how leadership coaching may support you in reaching your goals, reducing your distress, and increasing your satisfaction in work.

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Think about it:
Most leaders have gained higher-level positions through their subject-matter expertise, drive, commitment, and raw talent. But, being a skillful engineer, a knowledgeable attorney, a learned scholar-academic, or a dedicated physician (etc.), doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the “People-Challenges” of leadership, such as:

  • Motivating subordinates
  • Creating and maintaining cohesion in a team or department
  • Facilitating dialogue and cooperation
  • Resolving conflicts in a way that promotes communication and doesn’t push concerns ‘underground’
  • Communicating expectations effectively
  • Effectively redirecting problem behaviors in individuals or groups
  • Developing leadership capacity in subordinate managers; supporting them without overshadowing.
  • Holding people accountable
  • Working with challenging or sabotaging peers or higher-level managers

Difficulties in any of these areas can side-track a professional at any stage of career, and can create stress severe enough to make work a miserable experience and to spill over and contaminate personal relationships and health.

Leadership Coaching (or “Professional Development Coaching” for those aspiring to leadership positions) is an individualized, confidential process to assist you in:

  • identifying current or anticipated challenges in your professional life
  • creating a systematic approach for gaining relevant knowledge, and
  • developing specific skills to master the challenges that are more pertinent to your success

Most common Leadership Coaching Goals include:

  • reduced stress
  • increased professional satisfaction,
  • a greater sense of competence and confidence as you move forward in your daily work and in your long-term career-related decisions.

Leadership Coaching differs from psychotherapy in its primary focus onprofessional life, professional effectiveness and professional satisfaction, while still taking into account the ‘whole person’, that is, the unique characteristics, values, and perspective of the indiviudal client.  Leadership Coaching is strongly oriented toward the development, implementation and refinement of specific workplace skills and strategies.

Leadership Coaching is similar to psychotherapy in its confidentiality, privacy, and crucial context of a strong working relationship between a client and a trusted professional partner.

Costs: The fee for Leadership Coaching is $150 per hour. Sessions or are most often 90 minutes in duration and spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

To explore the possibilities and potentials of leadership coaching, please call Colorado Clinical and Consulting Psychology, LLC, for a cost-free, detailed telephone consultation: 303-475-7987 or email me today.