Organizational Consultation & Training


How People Work Together  
is the
Foundation for What They Can Accomplish Together


Does your team need more effective approaches to communication, problem-solving, collaboration, or conflict management?Have your employees experienced especially difficult events or demands that have threatened morale or increased turnover, infighting, or absenteeism?Does your workplace engage with a highly challenging target group or customer population that demands exceptional self-management and interpersonal skills from your employees?Customized, targeted, and timely consultation and training can help. 

Strengthen your team so you can focus more of your attention on your mission and outcomes.

For over 20 years, I have been providing practical, user-friendly, engaging, and stimulating workshops, trainings, facilitation and consultation to help leaders and front-line professionals develop and maintain the skills they need to engage their talents most effectively, to work collaboratively with their colleagues, and to serve their customers in a way that enhances the mission and maintains individual and organizational vitality and success. Consultation services are provided to individual leaders or to management treams; training, workshops and facilitation services to groups as small as 5 and as large as 400, on a one-time educational basis or as a multi-step organizational development process, and always customized to the needs of the specific organization and the vision and goals of the leadership.

consult with executives to help resolve specific problems and support their leadership in the following areas:

  • Assessing and reducing behavioral risks in the workplace
  • Fostering constructive and collaborative workplace conflict management
  • Enhancing safety – reducing risks of workplace violence 
  • Promoting effective decision-making processes
  • Improving communication within and between teams
  • Helping managers become leaders
  • Fostering improved performance in talented but under-performing employees

I provide practical and engaging training for leadership and/or organizational line-staff on topics including:

  • Behavioral Risk Management: Recognizing and Resopnding to Acute Risks and Threats
  • Coping with Mental Health Issues in Staff Management and Customer Interactions
  • Reducing Toxic Conflict and Empowering Collaborative Resolution
  • Strategic Safety Enhancement: Risk Mitigation through Effective Policy, Staff Awareness, and Orgnizational Education
  • Creating a Sustainable Workplace Culture 
  • Self-Care and Burnout Prevention in High-Stress Arenas: Surviving a Career in Health Care, Law, Law Enforcement, or Management

I serve most frequently (but not exclusively) organizations in the fields of: health care and hospitals, social services, higher education, law and the judiciary.

Initial discussion and preliminary recommendations are always provided without cost or obligation.

Telephone: (303) 475-7987